I want to know…

Some of you reading this will be familiar with my stance on this issue. Some of you won’t be. Some of you will disagree.

I’ve just seen this video for the first time. It’s beautiful.

Yes, I’m a Christian who supports Gay Rights. Let me state this here clearly: I believe in a God of love doesn’t hate those who are only trying to be true to themselves – true to how they were born. I’m not going to engage in a lengthy treatise on the theology of this issue right now. Because, to me, the most basic fact is all that matters: God is love, and loves everyone, no matter what.

I love my homosexual friends dearly, and hope to one day (soon!) live in a world where they have equal rights. So I can go to their weddings and celebrate, just as they came and celebrated with me. A world where they don’t get bullied or treated unfairly or disowned by their family and faith community. A world where we can all be accepted for who we are.

Here’s a handy link for Australians: http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/wp/