Starting how I do not intend to continue

I work as a genetic counsellor (wiki has a good explanation of what that means, if you need to find out.)  As part of being a genetic counsellor in Australia, I have to complete “certification” with the “board of censors” in order to call myself a certified genetic counsellor. I have already completed a graduate diploma in genetic counselling, but that is only the first part of the process.

This evening I am meant to be getting myself organised at home for the certification process to actually happen. But I’m a procrastinator, so instead of working on that right now, I am writing about needing to do it here. Because completing certification is something which will be taking up a LOT of my time between now and the end of March, and since some of my friends might read this blog, it might help them understand why I’m going to be scarce ;)

Certification is a 3 step process, made in distinct submissions. The first two submissions include a number of case write-ups and some other written work. The third stage starts with a simulated consultation with an actor, which is recorded, and you then analyse it and submit your essay as your third submission. There’s also an interview.

I am making my first submission at the end of March. I have to write 3x long case studies (about 2,000 each) and 50 short cases (a page each), I have to record a session with a real live client and submit an essay analysing it, and prepare various other education reports and stuff.  I have a seriously large amount of research to do, lots of reading, and then writing. I’m probably going to take a week off work and completely disappear from the world (except my long-suffering, supportive husband) in order to get it done. And my first deadline is to get my first case to my supervisors at the end of next week.

So, maybe this wasn’t the best time to start a blog. In my defence, though, I think that by having this outlet ready and waiting, I’ll be able to “get it off my chest” when some stray thought/rant is taking my concentration away from the work at hand.

To my friends reading this and thinking to themselves “here we go again…” – no, I’m serious this time. Certification is my top priority and please give me hell if you see me slacking off.  I turn 30 in April, at which point all the hard work will be over (for this submission) and I intend to celebrate both things thoroughly.

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  1. Argh!

    I hate certification. My friend Jo went through that process and it was painful – especially as it took multiple attwmpts – each one requiring more work and the fault did not seem to be on her side.
    My own teaching certification was painfully slow drawn out by the my ‘supervisors’ keeping on loosing their stuff and not following protocol. It all got sent back to be redone once because my principal had signed the wrong side and wrong corner of each page – and he couldn’t just re-sign those ones, they needed to be re-printed/scanned (some of it was student work) and signed.

    I hope you have a more enjoyable experience.

    • I’m so excited to have discovered you have a blog! :D

      I doubt it is going to be in any way enjoyable, but thank you for the thoughts :) Sorry to hear about your supervisory issues!!


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