Once Upon A Time

One day in 2008, I was sitting around with some friends at one of their homes. One of these friends (who also happens to be my third cousin) decided to go around the circle and give everyone a single adjective that she felt summed up their key characteristic. When she got to me, she said that she couldn’t think of a regular adjective and was going to have to break her own rules for this game, saying that the one word she wanted to use to describe me was “hummingbird”. She said that this word came to mind because of the way I intensely focus on something but also the way I quickly moved between ideas/activities/thoughts. Some might call it “distractability”.

This blog is a place for me to come, to pause – to have a rest – and get out in writing the things that matter to me/interest me/amuse me.

What can you expect? Stories about my life with my husband, trips we take and things we’re doing around the house we bought in mid-2011. Soapbox posts about topics which matter to me. Musings about living as a follower of Jesus. Book reviews. Bits and pieces relating to my work in genetics. And once we adopt some cats in the near future, I’m sure there will be plenty of kitty pictures. After all, what would an internet blog be without kitty pictures?? :)

Comments are welcome. If you disagree with anything I say, don’t feel like you can’t express that opinion, but please do so respectfully. I don’t have much to say about politics, usually, but religion tends to get tempers flaring on occasion ;)

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  1. I can see that. I like to think of myself as a butterfly – constantly reinventing myself.

    As for an adjective to describe me… Hmm… I would have to go with loud. Although I’d prefer stylish ;).


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